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  • Our Goal:
    • Pick 'Em All Sports began in 2011 with a simple iOS app that helped people count their points when playing the, then popular, ESPN Stock Car Challenge NASCAR game. From its inception, our company has always had the a primary goal of providing a fully-featured set of free "non-gambling" fantasy sports games that the whole family can play together. There are no fees, credit cards, or age limits required. Virtually anyone from children to office co-workers can enjoy playing the games without fear of breaking any moral or statutory laws.

  • Our Games:
    • NASCAR:
      When the ESPN game closed, we created the Fantasy43 Racing League to help fill the void. Fantasy43 got its name from the "Fantasy" type of game and the, then, 43 car field. Players would use our included calculator to attempt to predict the finish order of all 43 cars. Today, the field is usually 40 cars but the idea is the same. Points are calculated based on the accuracy of each car's finish position.
      The popularity of the NASCAR game led us to begin thinking of how we could carry out the same model to other sports. We soon decided that football was the next one to tackle (pun intended). Our pick 'em style NFL and NCAA games did a full year in 2015 but have increased 10 fold in 2016. We are hoping for a similar increase again in 2017. Players attempt to pick the winning team from each matchup and rank those picks in a "confidence order" which determines how many points are won or lost at the end of the game.

  • Our Future:
    • Pick 'Em All Sports, LLC provides free access to our fantasy games via its websites and iOS apps. If funding allows us to continue growing, we have plans to create similar-style Baseball, F1, Indy Car, Basketball, and Hockey games. Talks have already begun on most of these games and working models are already in the works.

  • Your Role As Sponsor/Advertiser:
    • We can provide custom-tailored ad space to suit your needs. The space available will include (but may not be limited to) our web pages, iOS app, signup/confirmation email, and weekly newsletter. The number of views is growing each month so contact us for specific numbers. The current estimate would be upwards of 10k hits/views per month.

  • Contact:
    • Steve Montgomery
      PO Box 11365
      Torrance CA 90510
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