• Pick Em All NCAA Football is a unique & easy Fantasy Football game.
    • In our game, we don't draft players but rather try to correctly predict which team will win.
    • There is a points system so the goal is to accumulate the most points by not only trying to pick each winning team but also wagering the right number of points on each matchup.


  • Weekly points are risked and awarded by ranking your picks in descending order from the one you are most sure about down to least sure.
  • Each week you would risk as many as 25 points on the game you are most sure about down to 1 point for the least sure.
  • If your prediction is correct, you gain the amount of points wagered on that matchup. If you are incorrect, you would lose that many points.
  • On an average week with 19 games you can win up to 190 points and lose as many as 190 points. (19+18+17+16+15+14+13+12+11+10+9+8+7+6+5+4+3+2+1=190)
  • For 2015, we are primarily playing week-to-week. We know as a new game that most people will sign up and start playing late.
  • For those who were able to start from the beginning of the season, there is a cumulative points system to see who has the most points by season's end.


  • This is where you pick every winning team (Pick 'Em All).
  • Typically, you can make your picks starting Tuesday afternoon and up until game time.
  • Click each matchup to change your predicted winning team. The logo of the team you have chosen to win will be in color. The predicted loser will be greyscale.
  • Click and hold then slide each matchup in the list until you have them sorted in the correct order.
  • The prediction you are most sure about should go to the top. The least sure at the bottom and every position in between.


  • The Viewer Page is where you will spend most of your time.
  • Games are arranged left to right in the order that they start throughout the weekend.
  • Players on your team are arranged top to bottom from the one with the most points at the top to the least number of points at the bottom.
  • All games begin the weekend with a generally dark display. As games begin, each column will become full brightness and scores will start to populate.
  • The viewer will show such things as:
    • Team Logos (from each matchup)
    • Score
    • Game Clock
    • Each user's pick (Team Logo)
    • Each user's pick (Points Wagered)
    • Total points for each user for that week's games
    • Links to previous week's games


  • The User Settings page is where you can:
    • Start your own team - You are allowed to be the administrator of one team. You can add 9 users to your team. This is your default team and will be the uppermost team selectable in the upper right pulldown menu.
    • Delete your team - Use this if you need to start another team. All users on your team will no longer have access to this team.
    • Add users to your team - You are allowed to add up to 9 other users to your team. You can send them an email link on this page.
    • Delete users from your team - Use this if you need to reduce the size of your team or replace a user.
    • Remove yourself from another team - Use this if you either no longer wish to be on a particular team or need to reduce your number of teams so another can be joined. You can only be on 4 other teams (besides your own Admin team) at a time.
    • Request to be added to another team - Use this if you know the name of another team that you would like to join.
      (***NOTE*** Abusing this feature could cause team admins to "block" you if they feel you are repeatedly asking to join a team where you have already been refused. 3 "blocks" against your user name will suspend your account indefinitely.


  • Messages are provided for the user via the mail icon in the upper left portion of the screen. It will appear grey if no messages are available or red (as shown) if messages are available. Click the flag to see your messages. These messages could include:
    • Notification that a team admin has invited you to be on their team. You can click the "Accept this invitation" button if you wish to join their team. The message will automatically be deleted. Or, you can refuse the invitation by clicking the "Delete This Message" button.
      (***NOTE*** You cannot be on more than 4 other teams besides your own)
    • Notification that a player has asked to be on your admin team. You can click the "Accept this invitation" button if you wish to add this player to your admin team. The message will automatically be deleted. Or, you can refuse the request by clicking the "Delete This Message" button.
      (***NOTE*** You cannot have more than 9 other players on your admin team. Individual players can be deleted if you wish to add another.)
    • General messages from Pick Em All NCAA Football. These could include new website features, rule changes, etc.