It's Time To Pick 'Em All!

NCAA Week 3 - Cutoff time to submit picks: Fri 9/15 7:00pm ET.

* spudsmackenzie had the league high score last week with 198 points & picked every game correctly!
* WINNERS & LOSERS: 99% of the league picked Oklahoma State over South Alabama which ended up earning an average of 17.33 points per user. On the other hand, 39% picked the lower ranked Oklahoma who defeated Ohio State and lost an average of -1.26 points each.
* CONFIDENCE ORDER: Remember to set your confidence order each week, moving your most confident picks to the top (wagering the most amount of points). Conversely, move those matchups you aren't as sure about towards the bottom.
* POINTS LEADER: Leading the league in points is montyjoe with 842 points. (Remember, each week's points are offset so that nobody who plays receives negative points).
* INJURIES: Some college football fantasy news can be found at Rotowire


As we start the 2017 season, we want everyone to know that the only income we currently have are your personal donations. Thousands of hours now have gone into maintaining and building these three games (NASCAR, NFL, & NCAA). We hope you've enjoyed playing them and that you will consider making a small donation so we can continue reaching our goals of creating more Pick 'Em All games (baseball, basketball, hockey, F1, and Indy Car). A PAYPAL ACCOUNT IS NOT REQUIRED!


NFL Preseason Week 2 - Cutoff time to submit picks: Thurs 9/14 8:25pm ET.

* Hardaker18 had the league high score in our opening week with 103 points losing only their 1 & 11 point games.
* WINNERS & LOSERS: 96% of the league picked the Falcons over the Bears which ended up earning an average of 9.46 points per user. On the other hand, only 9% picked the Chiefs who upset the Patriots and cost an average of -12.10 points each!
* CONFIDENCE ORDER: For the new players, be aware that our game uses what we call a "confidence order". After choosing which teams you think will win each game, arrange the games in order of the confidence of your picks. On a full week, you will be wagering 16 points on the game you are most confident in, 1 point on the game you are least confident in and everything in-between.
* REGULAR SEASON POINTS: Now that the regular season has begun, your points will be added all the way through the post-season. Those points will be used to determine the amount you have available to wager on the Super Bowl so make sure to play each week.
* INJURIES: Notable injuries for this upcoming week: click here

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